That’s Just How I Roll

Me, I am just a simple girl. Not fussy, or complicated.

I just like what I like. And I like it proper and practically perfect.

It’s taken rather a lot of practice to get to be as marvellous as I am.

I have more than a few talents…

I am excellent at falling over. Well versed in foul language. I am second to none in the ability to destroy the kitchen on my way to culinary divineness. I never need to use a microphone as I can be heard for miles, like it or not.

And I wear more than  a few, often clashing, hats: I am a Canadian farm girl that has landed in North London. I am a wife, a mother, a friend and neighbour. A teaching assistant, a community supporter, and the hostess with the mostest.

I am a true Jewish Mama…a Balabusta. I work my love and magic in the kitchen. I love spreading those joys…sharing is caring.

That’s me.



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